Managing your users

If you're an administrator for your CodinGame for Work account, you are able to invite and manage users. Just go to Account > Users to see the list of people who’ve already been invited to your account.

If you wish to edit an existing user’s permissions, click on the pencil icon. If you wish to add a new user, click on “Add user”. 

Only people with the same email domain name as you can be added to your account. 

Fill in the email address(es) you want to add. You can import a CSV with your colleagues’ email addresses.

Choose the permissions you want to give:

Depending on what CodinGame solutions you use, you will see up to four categories: Screening, Sourcing, Team Building and Account Manager. You can edit your colleagues’ permissions by checking the appropriate boxes. 

Visible categories depend on your active licences. Each has a different number of users depending on your chosen plans. For example, you might have an Enterprise licence for Screening with unlimited users and a Monthly plan for Sourcing with only 3 users by default. A recruiter working with the Screening part of our platform does not necessarily need to have access to the Team Building part of the platform. 

Example 1: If you are a Sourcing customer, you will see the Sourcing user settings and Account Manager.

Exemple 2: If an engineer from your team needs to set up a campaign but does not need to access your candidates’ details, no need to give him access to the entire Screening sections. You can simply tick “Campaigns”.

Here are all your users' permissions : 

An administrator can access everything on the account and manage other users. 

- Screening users: Can manage the "Screening" section of your CodinGame account

  • View Campaigns: This user can see the list of campaigns
    • Manage campaign: This usercan create, edit and delete campaigns 
    • Invitation of candidates: This user can invite candidates
    • View candidates: This user can access the candidates and their simplified reports (scores, without their answers to questions)
      • Manage candidates: This user can edit (tags and comments), anonymize or delete candidates
      • Allow access to detailed report: If this option is selected, this user will be able to access candidates' detailed test reports. If this option is not selected, only simplified reports (without candidates' specific test answers) will be available and sent by email.
      • Insights: This user will have access to the insights page.
  • Question Editor: This user will have access to the question editor
  • Integration: This user will have access to the API/ATS integration page. 
  • Interview: This user will have access to the interview feature and will be able to invite candidates to join an interview by videoconference. 

- Sourcing users: Can manage the "Sourcing" section of your CodinGame account

  • This user can create/edit/delete job profiles and manage received matches.

- Team Building Users: Can access the "Team Building Section" of your CodinGame account 

  • Access to the games: This user can play Coding Escape. He can also join events but not create them.
  • Manage events: This user will be able to manage events

- Account Manager: Can manage access the "Account" section of your CodinGame account

  • Company profile: This user will have access to your company profile page and will be able to edit company details.
  • Billing: This user will have access to the billing page and will receive invoices by email.
  • Data protection: This user will have access to the data protection page and will be able to edit data protection settings.
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