[Video] Creating a custom question in the question editor

To create your own custom question, click on Screening>Question Editor. 

You'll be able to create four kinds of exercices: multiple choice questions, text questions, coding exercices or project exercises. We will come back to this later. 

Multiple choice question: 

Choose a title for your question and write your statement in the designated box on the left. On the right, write down up to 5 answers. Use the switch to indicate the right answer-s. Your candidate will have to choose all possible right answers to be awarded all of the points for this question. You can also give candidates the possibility to choose multiple answers even though there is only one correct answer. The candidate will be awarded all of the points for this question if he or she selects the correct answer, and no other answers. You'll find all the information regarding MCQs by hovering over the "i" icon. 

At the bottom of your screen you'll find your question settings: the domain you want your question to be in, you can also create your own, the skill you want to evaluate your candidate on, difficulty, timer and points. Once you've checked the settings, just hit save.

Text question: 

Choose a title for your question and write your statement in the designated box. 

Just below, choose your settings:

The main particularity of text questions is the validation process. If you want it to be automatic, choose your skill and write down the answer-s you expect from candidates. If your candidate answers exactly what you were expecting, the question will be validated successfully. If you want the validation to be manual, create a label that you want to see in the report, choose your skill and weight. At the end of each candidate's test, you will receive an email inviting you to manually validate the answer to this question. Only then will we be able to calculate a final score.

Programming exercise: 

When choosing your technology for a programming exercise, you will have to choose a domain from the list. If you want to create a customized domaine, click on Language Independent. 

When selecting a domain already on CodinGame, you can choose a question template

Again, write down a title for your question and a statement, before choosing your settings. You can also add an external dependency in .zip. You'll then see the initial tests that your candidates will have to modify. 

In your settings, choose the points awarded for this question. These points will be distributed among the different validators, depending on their weight. The domain field is customizable.

As you can see, you have the possibility to let CodinGame use your question by adding it to our library. That is only if you wish to.

Default code generator lets you set the code your candidate will see and edit:

You can also try out a possible solution and test your code. 

Then the tests your candidate will see to test his code out, you can add multiple of them: 

Here is an example: 

Finally the validators that your candidate will not see and will test his/her final code on different sets than the ones he/she had access to in order to avoid hardcoding. You will also set the label, skill and weight of your validator (that indicates how important it is, the more important, the more points are given). Just as before, set the awaited output. You can set several validators.

Project exercise: 

Just like the other questions, choose a title and a statement for your project. In the settings, choose your difficulty, timer and points. Project exercises are usually longer than other kinds of questions. Then, upload your project. It will serve as the basis for your candidate to work on before uploading the project back to the platform, within the time limit. Any kind of files can be used. 

Just like any other question, choose your settings: 

You can include a translation for each question or your project questions, if you want to be able to use them in your multilingual tests. 

To find a custom question and include it in your test, follow these steps

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