[Video] Managing your tests and candidates

To invite a candidate, click on the character icon beside your test's title.

Type your candidate's first and last name, as well as their email address. You can also choose to import a .CSV file. If you're an Enterprise customer, you are also able to use API integration. 

To streamline your candidate management, you can also use tags. Tags remain invisible to candidates and can help you keep track. You can also choose who, among your account users, can receive the candidates' report.

You'll then see the invitation email sent to your candidates. The default language (French or English) will depend on the language you set up the test in. If you choose both French and English, the email will automatically show in English. You are also able to customize it at this stage. Your candidate's name will replace the [[NAME]] tag automatically and the [[LINK]] tag will be replaced by your candidate's invitation link. 

Your candidate will receive an invitation from your company, with his/her name and his/her personal invitation link to start the test. His/her name will immediately appear in the list of candidates invited to this test. 

To access your candidate list and view their scores, click on the test name. Candidates are sorted by their global test score.

If you tested them on several technologies, you'll also see a score per technology. When clicking on your candidate's name, a pop up will slide from right to left giving you more information on his/her score and ranking compared to other developers being tested on the same coding level and technology/technologies.

Need help understanding your candidate's detailed report, click here.

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