Creating a test

Are you just beginning your CodinGame adventure or need to create a new test? No worries, we’ll get you started!

If you're a returning user, scroll down to create a new test below. If you're new to CodinGame, click CREATE A TEST to see how easy and quick it is.  

To create a new test, click on the yellow New test button. 

Choose one from two options: 

1. Select the role. You can choose a preset job role from the drop down list.  

2. Select the domain(s). You can choose one or more domains, technologies, frameworks or programming languages from the drop down list. 

Once you select a role or a domain(s), the other fields will automatically populate. Edit the fields as necessary to make the test more relevant to the job position you want to fill.

Click CREATE TEST. This automatically saves your test. 

Hooray! You've created a new test with random blocks of questions according to the criteria you selected. 

To see the candidate experience after he clicks on the test invite link, click Click here.

If you're happy with the test you've created, go ahead and click Send test

If you want to further tailor the test to make it even more relevant to the job post you're hiring for, click Customize test.

After clicking Customize, you see Your test on the left and the Question bank on the right. 

On the right, under Question bank, you see all the possible questions and exercises that you will able to add to your test based on your specified criteria. 

On the left, under Your test, you see the question blocks that were chosen by our algorithm according to the criteria you chose when you created the test. When you invite a new candidate to take a test, random blocks of questions will be generated such that no two tests are exactly alike. This will help to prevent cheating. 

Each block has its own timer and points. Beside the timer and points, you can identify the type of question it is and its difficulty using the icons:  

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Coding question

Text question

Gamified question

Level of difficulty: one (easy), two (medium), three (hard)

Questions are grouped by type. In this example, you will have SQL quiz questions for five minutes, SQL coding exercises for 25 minutes, Java quiz questions for seven minutes and Java coding exercises for 42 minutes. If you click on a question block, you will see the possible questions your candidates will have to answer on the right.

Note that every question taking more than half of the block time will be automatically excluded to prevent one question from taking the whole block. For example, in a 10 minute block, every question requiring five or more minutes will be excluded automatically. 

On the top left corner, you will find the total number of points a candidate can have on this test (~2000) and the total number of questions (~24). You can also see the breakdown of points, questions and time per domain to the right. The numbers can vary because the questions are random. 

You will also find the global test timer that displays the total amount of time allotted if your candidate was to use the entire time allowed for each question. As the questions are random, some are longer than others. This particular test will last 40 to 79 minutes. Usually, a candidate will take around half of the allowed time to complete the test. The time taken to complete the test does not affect the global score unless the candidate doesn't finish a question or the test.

You'll find also find the percentage that represents the expected average score for this type of test. The harder the test, the lower the expected average score and vice versa. A test for junior roles will have a higher expected score (around 50%) and a test for senior roles will have a lower one (around 35%). 




Choose a Domain, Type of test, Skills and Duration from the drop down list. Select the Experience level (Junior, Senior or Expert) and whether to Include new questions added by CodinGame or you. You will see a list of questions below from which a random set of questions will be selected to be added to your test. Click OK

And voila, here's the random block of questions that you just added to Your test


You have 2 ways to add a question:

  1. Click ADD A QUESTION. The Question bank will populate on on the right. 

Choose the question you want to add from the Question bank. Click the three dots on the right side of the question and select  Add to my test

2. Drag the question from the Question bank on the right to Your test on the left.

  • Creating a test with a list of questions

Maybe you don’t want random blocks in your test at all. No problem! Just click on the three dots and choose Refresh your test.

Click List of questions.

The list of questions you see on the left side column under Your test is the default list chosen automatically by our algorithm according to the criteria you set. 

On the right, you'll have access to the complete list of questions that match your settings for this test. You can remove questions from your test by dragging and dropping from left to right. Similarly, you can add new ones by dragging and dropping from right to left. 

Each question has its own timer.

As the list here is set, the time allotted and the number of points are more precise.

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