[Video] Creating a campaign

To create a new campaign, click on the yellow "New Campaign" button. You will see two options: to get started, either choose a developer role or choose one or more technologies (from our list of technologies). Then, select the level of experience for this campaign. You can then rename your campaign, set your language, decide whether or not to allow copy and paste (if you do not, your candidates will have to code in CodinGame's IDE) and whether or not you want to send test result reports to your candidates.

You can see that you can now add gamified questions to your campaign: 

Your campaign is ready. The list of questions you see on the right side column is the default list chosen automatically by our algorithm, according to the criteria you set. 

If you click on "Customize", you'll have access to the complete list of questions that match your settings for this campaign. You can remove questions from your campaign by drag and drop from right to left and you can add new ones with drag and drop from left to right. 

Each question has its own timer. You can also identify the type of question and its difficulty thanks to the icons beside the timer. 

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)

Coding question

Text question

Gamified question

Level of difficulty, from one to three

At the top of your screen, you will find the global campaign timer (total amount of time, if your candidate where to use the entire allowed time for each question). Usually, a candidate will take around half of the allowed time to complete the test. Time taken does not have any impact on the global score. On the left, you'll find a percentage, representing the average expected score. A junior campaign will have a higher expected score (around 50%) than a senior one (around 35%). 

Now, all you need to do is decide on your time settings. You'll find the information you need in this article

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