Tests' default settings

In order to save time, you can set default settings for your tests. They will be applied automatically when you create new tests. 

On the page listing your tests, click on “Default Settings.”

Options are the same as individual test settings. 

On the General tab, pick your settings for test language, copy and paste, sending candidates simplified reports, number of days after which invitation expires and type of timer (per question [recommended] or global). 

On the Customization tab, you can edit the invitation email subject and body (make sure you keep the [[NAME]] and [[LINK]] tags for the email to work). Note: The example below is for a Growth license. On an Enterprise license, you can add your company’s logo and customize the introduction screen as well as the test’s end page.

When saving, you can choose to apply branding options retroactively on your existing tests or only apply them on new ones. General settings will only be applied on new tests. 

You can still choose to apply specific settings and branding to one test in particular. To perform an edit, just open the test you wish to modify and click on the Settings tab on top of your screen. 

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