Creating a multiple choice question in the Question Editor

CodinGame created a question editor, letting you create your own questions. There are four types: MCQ, Text, Programming Exercise and Project Exercise. This article is about MCQ creation. 

Choose your language (English, French or Spanish). 

You can add translations within the question creation page. 

The question’s title is not shown to the candidate during the test. You can choose any title you like even if it contains parts of the question’s answer. 

If you wish to add images to your question, we would advise using the “Insert image” button to upload the image directly on our servers. If you choose to do some hotlinking, the image can be unhosted at any time and made non-visible to your candidates. 

If you wish to highlight a variable, select your variable and then click on the “Insert code snippet” button.

If no text is selected, you can insert a code extract by clicking on the same button. A pop-up will appear, asking you to choose the programming language and to create the code. 

Once you have completed the code, click on “Save” and the code will appear in the statement.

Once your statement is done, enter your possible answers.

Select your correct answer(s).

Even if you are only expecting one correct answer, you can select the “Multiple answers possible” box  to increase the difficulty level of your question. However, we advise that you don't do this as the candidate can easily be mistaken.

If you select the “Randomize order during the test” box, the order of the answers will vary from one candidate to another in order to prevent cheating. We advise always ticking this box, except for sequential answers like “1”,”2”,”3”,”4” which will remain in numerical order. 

If there’s more than one correct answer and the candidate only ticks one, they will automatically get partial points based on the number of correct answers in the given question. For example, in a question worth 40 points, if there are two correct answers and the candidate only ticks one, he’ll get 20 out of 40 points. You can see the following screenshot in Preview mode while you create your test or in your Candidate’s Detailed Test Report after a candidate takes the test.

No points will be given for selecting an incorrect answer even if one of the correct answers was chosen.

Choose your settings. The domain can be a domain already present on CodinGame or a new customized one. The same goes for the skill assessed in this question. Choose your difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard) and the duration. For example: MCQs in our library usually are between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long depending on the statement’s length and the reflection level expected. For your questions to be equivalent to CodinGame’s library, just adjust duration and difficulty; the points will adapt automatically. 

Once your question is ready, if your tests are in random block format, tick the box “Allow the use of this question in automatically generated tests” for it to be within the selection. If you use this question in another test, here is how to find it

You can also choose to share this question with CodinGame: 

Once you’re done, you can preview your question or save it. And voila, you’ve got yourself a customized multiple choice question!

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