CodinGame's AutoComplete

While taking a CodinGame for Work test, when your candidates are asked coding questions, our IDE (Monaco based) offers several functionnalities which makes it easy for them to produce quality code:

  • Syntax coloring, easing up the code’s readability by using a color scheme adapted to the programming language of a given question. This makes understanding a program's structure and finding what you're looking for much easier..

  • Automatic completion (i.e. “autocomplete”) suggests finishing the candidate’s entry, greatly increasing coding speed.

  • Automatic diagnostics, displayed as red squiggles under a code with errors

  • Contextual help when you hover over a function. A pop-up window will display the list of parameters, expected return value, and documentation for the function.

  • Formatting of the document is available through the right-click menu. This produces a standardized code easier to read by your candidate and yourself.

  • Automatic packages import. Adding a class automatically adds the corresponding import line, ensuring time efficiency for the candidate.
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