Editing historical JavaScript tests

In the past, the JavaScript domain also contained questions related to HTML and CSS. 

For greater readability and better management of your tests, this domain has been divided into three sub-domains: JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

What does this change in practice? Let's look at two cases.

Creating a new test

When you create a new test, the three domains will appear separately. This allows you to select the mix of questions you wish to include (JavaScript alone, or with HTML or all three at the same time).

Managing a historical test

When you edit a test created before the update, the questions will appear grouped together under the "JavaScript / HTML / CSS" domain, rather than under separate domains.

You can continue to invite candidates or modify your test settings as before. However, if your test has the questions grouped under "JavaScript / HTML / CSS", you cannot then add JavaScript, HTML or CSS separately.

If you wish to add more questions from one of these languages, you have two options: delete the grouped block or start a new test.

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