Coding Escape - All the games

Once connected to your Coding Escape games page, you will notice a few different types of missions, depending what you want and have time for. 

Each mission has three levels of difficulty: “Search” (clues are relatively easy to find), “Logic” (your problem-solving skills can be challenged) and “Code” (necessary codes to solve the mystery you’re facing can be more or less difficult).

1. Tutorial

Go through the tutorial at least once to understand how Coding Escapes work. 

2. Get Started

Test it out with these two games specifically designed to get started with the Escape experience

3. Take a break

Shorter missions to take your mind off things

4. Collaborate

Assemble your strike team and solve these challenges

5. Events

You will have to wait on your admin to host an event in order to be able to access these two games. They are definitely worth the wait! 

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