Access to Coding Escape event

Your company subscribed to a Coding Escape plan on CodinGame? Awesome! Here is how you can join your colleagues and start a mission together:

1. Get invited

Coding Escape events admin has to invite you to join your company’s CodinGame account and give you the “Team Building” access. Once this is done, you will receive a link to join the account. Create your IDs and receive the intro email

2. Join 

From now on, whenever you log into CodinGame, you will see the Team Building menu and its “Game” section

On your first log in, select your coding skills and press save. Please fill in your actual competences, coders and non-coders do not have access to the same options during a mission. 

3. Have fun

You can now play all of Coding Escape's games without limitations! Do not forget to take the tutorial (as many times as necessary) to fully understand how the games work. Enjoy! 

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