Coding Escape events

  • As an administrator

Are you a Coding Escape Admin? This means you can now start your first Coding Escape event! 

Simply head to the Events tab

And click on “New Event” 

Enter your event title, its description (optional), select your game (you can choose one of the two missions dedicated to events but also one of the other free access games) and configure your team settings (if your players can choose their teams or not). If your team is international, you can set different time zones, date and time for your event, as well as its length

For teams, you have several options 

You can set the event simultaneously or staggered if your teams are located in different time zones.

In the example above, Paris and New York teams can play in the same event. 

Once your settings are all set, your event will remain as a draft until published. 

  • As a team player

Once the event is ready and published, you will have to register. 

Log into CodinGame, and click on “Team Building”, then on “Events” 

Select your event (if several are organized)

Go to the registration page. You can also share its direct link (CodinGame access required). 

Once registered, you just have to wait for the event’s date and time! 

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