Workable Integration

Looking to use Workable and CodinGame together, as part of your recruitment process? Here’s how. 

First, send an email to to retrieve your Workable key. Then, log in to your Workable account. In the top menu, on the left, click on your profile and then on “Settings”. 

This menu will appear on the left-hand side of your screen. Select “Integrations”. 

Then, select CodinGame from the “Assessment providers” list. 

Paste your Workable key in the dedicated field and click on “Update settings”. 

Go back to your home page “Jobs”. You can create and configure a new job offer by clicking on the “Create a new job” button.

Once your new job is ready, click on the “Workflow” tab and then on “Interview” to add your CodinGame test. 

Select your test from the list and save. 

Once your offer is ready, you can invite one or more candidates. Simply open your offer and click on “Add candidates”.

Then, at the interview stage, click on the “Send Assessment” icon :

You’ll see all relevant actions listed in your candidate’s timeline.

Note: the test invitation email is sent from CodinGame. If you wish to customize it, you can do so in your test settings on CodinGame. The notification email sent once your candidate has completed their test will also be sent from CodinGame. 

Once your candidate has completed their test, their result is sent to Workable and will be visible in their candidate timeline, just like this:

If you wish to see the detailed results report, simply click on the link. Beware, you’ll need to log in to your company’s CodinGame account to see the full report. 

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