Insights for Sourcing

CodinGame is proud to introduce “Insights”. 

To see all of your sourcing statistics, simply head to the “Sourcing” tab and click on “Insights”.

You’ll find all of your account statistics from the time you subscribed to our Sourcing solution.

You’ll first land on this screen:

This page has been designed to display all of your data. 

First, in the top summary bar, you’ll see the total number of matches, contacted candidates and candidate replies, since you created your first job offer.

You can sort your main list by alphabetical order, by recruiter’s name, by candidate email address, by invitation date, by score, etc. Use the arrows at the top of each column to navigate through your data. 

You can also reorganize and sort your data into more specific views. Here’s how:

  • By date:

  • Using filters:

Here you can specify field and category. 

  • Using the “Group by” option:

This option makes it easier to manage and review your data, as you can filter by job offer/owner/month. Simply click on a group to sharpen analysis by filtering automatically by the selected group. 

  • By job profile:

  • By owner:

  • By month:

And remember that if you need to, you can export your CSV file!

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