Managing your candidates

Now that you've posted your job profiles, you just have to wait for matches with our CodinGamers. However, do not forget that only the job owner will receive email notifications. 

Once the email(s) is received, here is what your dashboard will look like: 

You will see a red notification badge on your job profiles: the number on them corresponds to the matches waiting for you to manage them. To access the list, click on your job profile. 

You can see the number of candidates and their names. New profiles you have not yet  managed yet will have a little “new” yellow icon. Others will not have it anymore. 

On the top, you can look for a candidate by name, and in the right column, manage your list per status. You can also see the time remaining to contact your designated candidate. 

When you click on a candidate’s name, you will access his or her provided information:

Provided information may include first and last name, experience, skills, location, and other relevant data. This is where, if you choose, the first contact will be made. Or you may decide instead to archive the candidate’s profile. 

If you choose to contact him/her, you will be given a contact window, along with an email (which we advise you customize) to send to your CodinGamer. We have included a few for tips below for a successful first contact with your candidate. As you can see, you will receive his or her reply directly by email. 

The second option, “Archive,” will grey out the candidate’s line and move it to the end of your list. 

You may, of course, unarchive the profile and contact the candidate at any time. To do so, click on the candidate’s line. You will get the same profile pop-up as above, except with different options: 

The goal here is to be quick--the matches will disappear after 30 days if unattended. 

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