Creating your job profile

Are you ready to create your first job profile on our Sourcing module? It will only take a few steps. 

Just go to “Sourcing” on the left-hand menu: 

And create your first job profile! 

Increase your chances of finding "the one.” Make sure you complete your profile thoroughly. 

About the job address: If you have several agencies or offices and do not know exactly where your candidate’s office will be, just fill in the location of your main office. 

Here are the domain options: 

During the creation of your job profile, you will see a number on the right-hand side. It is an estimate of how many matches you would have received last month with this profile. It is based on similar profiles to yours that were posted in the past month. This gives you an idea of how you can edit your profile to attract the widest range of interested candidates. If your job profil has less than three estimated matches, it will not be posted to prevent disappointment.

Click the “create” button and you are all set.

You will see who created a job profile in the “Owner” column. Notice that only the owner of the job profile will receive email notifications regarding new matches and updates about the profile.

You can create as many job profiles as you like. However, you can only enable X job profiles at once (depending on the number of active job profile slots you have purchased).

In the example above, one active job profile slot has been purchased. Therefore, only one job profile can be enabled at once. The account user can choose to disable one job profile so as to enable another.

You can edit a job profile at any time by clicking on “Settings.”

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