Branding your campaigns

Each company is unique. So it makes sense for your campaigns to fit your company. Here are a few tips on how to brand your tests. 

  • Branding your campaign on a Growth plan: 

Once your campaign is ready, click on Settings>Customization. If you did not customize your campaign when you created it, this can be done at any time  by clicking on the name of the campaign. 

You can change your logo and customize the subject and body of your email. 

*Caution: Do not remove the [[NAME]] and [[LINK]] tag. They are mandatory, and you will not be able to save your modifications if they are removed. 

  • Branding your campaign on an Enterprise plan

In addition to the options offered in the Growth plan above, companies on the Enterprise plan can also customize the introduction screen that candidates see when they click on the invitation link before starting the test. 

You can add images, introduce your company…The possibilities are–almost–limitless. 

The end page of your test can also be customized...

You can also add your company logo and company name. They will appear in the invitation email, introduction page and candidate’s report for all of your campaigns. 

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