Exclude questions from random blocks

Want to manage the questions your candidates will have to answer? Here are the steps: 

At “Your test” setup, click on “Customize.”

Next, click on the pencil icon: 

  • Exclude existing question:

When hovering over the questions list, you will see a bin icon. 

By clicking on it, the question will be excluded from your block: 

To insert it back, hover again, and click on the “get out of the bin” icon: 

The question will appear in the list again. 

  • Exclude new questions

In your block’s setting, you will see this box that is ticked by default: 

Hover over the “i” for more information: 

If you untick the box, we advise you to check often to see if new content fitting your block is available for you to add. 

Don’t forget to save!

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