Random Blocks

CodinGame for Work introduces random blocks. 

When you create a new test, the first steps remain exactly the same. However, once in front of your questions list, you will see that something has changed. 

So what's new? From now on, to improve our cheating prevention policy, the questions can be absolutely random. Each test sent will have a random list of questions (respecting your difficulty level and the programming languages you chose at the beginning). 

Questions are grouped by type. Here you will have quiz questions for approximately ten minutes, and coding exercises for approximately one hour. Hover over the questions block and you will see the possible questions your candidates will have to answer.

Note that every question taking more than half of block time will be automatically excluded to prevent one question from taking the whole block (e.g., On a 10min block, every question of 5 and +5 min will be excluded automatically). 

Just like before, if you want to edit your test by adding another block, click on “Customize.” 

And then on “Add a set of random questions.” 

You will just have to choose the type of exercise, technology, duration and difficulty within your new block. Another new feature is that you can choose your seniority level for a technology on this block. For example, you want to hire a Java expert but want to see if he has any PHP experience. Create a senior/expert test that will last roughly 50 minutes, and add a 10 minute PHP junior block. 

By clicking on “Customizing” you will see the CodinGame questions pool. You can mix random blocks and mandatory questions, and you can, of course, add specific questions you want to see in your test and need all of your candidates to answer. You can mix random blocks and mandatory questions. 

Maybe you don’t want random blocks in your test at all. No problemo! Just click on the double arrow: 

And click on “list of questions.” 

Everything else remains exactly the same. 

The next step is your invitation email setup. To understand your candidate’s report in a test with random blocks, just click here to understand the comparative score

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