Coding exercises: understanding your candidate's thought process [Video]

So, you’ve received a candidate’s test report. Now, you’d like to dig deeper and find out more about how your candidate thinks and codes. No problem!

In our test environment, a recording is made of your candidate’s code. Thanks to our Code Playback feature, you can follow how your candidate built their algorithm, when they left the environment, when and what they pasted from external sources and when they decided to run their code. 

First, go to your candidate’s detailed report and pick a programming question you want to know more about: 

Once you click on the “PLAY” button, your candidate’s code will start to appear. You can speed up or slow down the Code Playback (from x0.5 to x8 seconds). You can also pause the recording at any time in order to read, in detail, your candidate’s code. 

You’ll see different colors on the timeline: 

  • Green when your candidate runs or submits code
  • Orange when your candidate is writing code
  • Red when your candidate pastes code
  • Dark grey when your candidate leaves or comes back to the test
  • Light grey to show how long your candidate spent outside of the CodinGame test

You can run your candidate’s code at any time. Just click on “RUN THIS CODE”. 

The code editor will open in another tab and you can test your candidate’s solution.

The result will appear in the console output.

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