What environment does my test run in

Here are all the compilers for code questions on CodinGame for Work :



C gcc 9.2.1 mode C17 
libraries ‑lm, ‑lpthread, ‑ldl, ‑lcrypt
C# C# 7.0 (Mono 6.4.0, .NET 4.7) Compiled with ‑unsafe
C++ g++ 9.2.1 mode C++17 
libraries ‑lm, ‑lpthread, ‑ldl, ‑lcrypt
Java OpenJDK 11.0.2 // Oracle JDK 1.8.0 for Gamified questions
Javascript Node 12.13.0
Go 1.13.1
Kotlin  Kotlin 1.3.31
PHP 7.3.9 Compiled with ‑‑enable‑mbstring, ‑‑enable‑zip, ‑‑enable‑bcmath, ‑‑enable‑calendar, ‑‑enable‑wddx, ‑‑enable‑intl, ‑‑enable‑soap, ‑‑enable‑sockets
Python3  3.7.4
React 16.9
Scala 2.13.1 - Oracle JVM 1.8
SQL ANSi SQL-92 (H2 engine)
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