Once you finish your tutorial, you will see your score for the questions you answered to help you understand how the scoring works. 

Some multiple choice questions (MCQs) have several correct answers. If you only tick one answer, as shown in the example above, you will not get the points for the question. 

Regarding the coding questions: If you do not pass the master validator, the sub validators cannot be validated; you will therefore get no points. If you only pass the master validator, you will only get the master validator points. Validators we use to see if your code is correct are not the same as the ones you see to test your solution in the test environment. This means that your attempt might “pass” even though your solution does not work properly. If the question times out, you do not fail the question automatically; the code is automatically submitted at the time out. If your attempt works and gives you points, they will be added to your global score. You do not always have zero points on a timed-out question. 

As we are an online testing platform, the solutions are not available anywhere online. We’re happy to help if you are facing a technical difficulty, but we will not provide any actual answers to the tutorial or test questions. If you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to send us a message at or chat with us.

Regarding the score you attain on your test: Your recruiter is the only one who can decide whether to send it to you or not. CodinGame for Work cannot access your test or provide your score. If you wish to know your score, please contact your recruiter. 

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