Questions types

There are four types of questions on CodinGame for Work: 

  • MCQs: With only a few seconds to answer, these questions are intended to test your language knowledge. If more than one answer is correct and you only ticked one, you will not get any points for this question. 
  • Text questions: Same as above. These questions are made to test your language knowledge, and you will only have a few seconds in order to type the text for your answer. 
  • Programming questions: With this type of question, you will have more time (several minutes or longer). You will be facing a problem with a starter code and will have to solve the problem in the most efficient way in order to get all the points. For these questions, you can make use of all available resources (third person excepted). 
  • Gaming questions: Same as above. These are programming questions, but with a different outcome, as the visual rendering will be represented as a video game. 
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