When you click on your invitation link, you’ll access a tutorial showing what a CodinGame test looks like. You can watch it as many times as needed. A tutorial’s questions change from one test to another, depending on the technologies you’re evaluated on and the type of questions chosen by your recruiter. Two tutorials based on two different tests will not show the same questions. 

As we’re an online testing platform, the solutions are not available anywhere online. We are happy to help if you are facing a technical difficulty, but we will not provide any actual answers to the tutorial or test questions. If you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to send us a message at support@codingame.com or chat with us.

You will also see how many questions you will have to work on and the maximum time that the test is expected to take you. 

If we recommend that you make use of all available resources for coding questions, know that you will not have enough time for questions like MCQs; the timer will be too short and the question will expire before you can find the answer. The MCQs are made to test your personal knowledge, not information you have to look up. 

As you can see, with an MCQ, the timer does not last long. If it were to expire, you would see this kind of screen: 

The test does not go immediately to the next question: you will have to click on “OK.” 

To answer a coding question successfully, you will need to follow the steps below:  

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