CodinGame is happy to introduce Insights. This page will let you see all your account's statistics from the time the account was created.

To access it, go to the “Campaigns” tab and at the top, click on “Insights.” 

You will land on this screen:

This page has been designed to display all your data. However, to access it, you will need permissions to Manage Candidate and Insights from your account administrator.

Immediately, the number of tests sent, completed, pending, aborted and expired since your CodinGame account's very first creation will be visible on the summary bar. 

You can manage your tables by a campaign’s alphabetical order, recruiter’s name, candidate’s email address, invitation date or score. 

Each line is clickable and will open your related candidate’s test report for easy management.

Here is how to sort your data: 

  • By date 

The farthest you can go back is your account’s creation date.

  • Filter by

Here you can specify the field and the category. 

  • Score 

Filters your candidate by requested score.

  • Group by

Filters your statistics per campaign/recruiter/month.

  • Campaign 

Displays your details per campaign, with each line breaking down your data per campaign. 

  • Recruiter

Displays one row per account user. 

  • Month

And if you need to, do not forget to export your CSV file!

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