Anonymizing candidate's invitation

In an effort to protect candidates’ personal data, your organization may wish to manage candidates anonymously with CodinGame Assessment. 

The method below will allow you to use CodinGame Assessment without entering any personal candidate data. However, a little organization and preparation is necessary (outside of CodinGame) in order to associate your candidate with his/her corresponding test. 

  1. In your ATS, or any other candidate management software/file, define a unique ID for your candidate (for example: “Trigram of recruiter_Incremental value”).
  2. Enter this ID in the “Name” field of the invitation window (see image below). 
  3. Enter your recruiter email address in the “Email” field (instead of your candidate’s email address).
  4. You’ll receive the invitation link by email. You can then share the link with your candidate (outside of the CodinGame platform).
  5. Once the candidate has finished his/her test, you’ll receive an email saying that candidate “CHRL_0014”’s report is available.
  6. It’s now time to consult that test report! You can put candidates and results together thanks to the unique ID (duly noted in your candidate management files).

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