Free Trial

At CodinGame, we believe that a free trial period is the best way to figure out if a solution is right for you.

That’s why you can try out our technical assessment solution for a 14-day period, completely free of charge. A free trial gives you and your team the chance to get a feel for our platform, discover our features and get comfortable with our user experience. 

However, we recommend that you test our platform amongst yourselves, and that you refrain from sending tests to real-life candidates (just yet). Bear in mind that you can only send three invitations with a free account. 

As you can see below, free trial accounts have limited access to CodinGame Assessment content. You’ll only have access to a few (1 to 4) questions per technology. These questions are exclusive to free trial campaigns and will disappear once your paid licence is activated. 

There’s a simple reason for this: despite doing all we can to prevent candidates from signing up to our professional platform, a few manage to create free trial accounts. By limiting content access and using questions exclusive to free trial accounts, we prevent leaks and lower the risk of cheating. 

If you think you’d benefit from a premium free trial period (complete access), contact us at and we’ll see what we can do!

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