Timer per question VS Global Timer

There are two ways to manage your candidate's time on a test: 

  • Timer per question 

Default preference on CodinGame, we have set ideal timers depending on the kind of question (a few seconds for MCQ and text questions, several minutes for programming questions). You can of course edit the time for each question if you think it is too short or too long by customizing your test. Timer per question makes sure that if your candidate leaves the test, he or she will have 48 hours to return to it. When he or she resumes the test, it starts automatically on the question following the one your candidate was when he or she left the test (to prevent him or her to look for the answer outside the timer countdown). 

  • Global timer 

This timer allows you to set a global time for your candidates to take the test. They can manage their own time, switch from one question to another and change their previous answers. We only recommend this setting when your candidate has to pass practical questions (programming exercices). If your candidate was to leave the test and come back later, as the countdown would not stop, he/she will not be able to finish the test. 

You can edit the timer in your test's settings:

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