Sharing a campaign

If your group has several Entreprise Licences with CodinGame, you can share campaigns between those accounts. 

  • First, send an email to to let us know which accounts you want to link
  • Once this is done, from your account, click on your campaign's menu (the three dots) and click on "Share" 

  • A pop up will appear with the email address(es) of the account(s) that are linked to yours. Tick the box next to the account you want to share your campaign with

Three things to remember: 

  1. You can remove the campaign sharing at any time, just untick the box. 
  2. The account receiving the campaign cannot edit it. Only its original account has the editing rights. If the original account were to edit the campaign, it will be seen on the receiving account. 
  3. You cannot see the other account's candidates list from yours, nor can they
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