Error message in your candidate's report

When you get your candidate's report, you could face an exclamation point beside his or her name. Here is what they mean: 

  • First message

It means that your candidate's code does not match the language her or she is being evaluated in. This could go all the way from a misspell to taking a technology for another. 

  • Second message

When your candidate starts the test, he/she can exit it and continue it later, from the question following the one he/she stopped on. The candidate has 48 hours to do so. If the test is not resumed, the candidate fails and you get this message. Your candidate can still have points, depending at what moment the test has been stopped. 

  • Third message

Here you have a preview of what our cheating prevention system can do. If you were to encounter this message, please contact us to for more information

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