Pending test

You want to know how to see if you have pending tests on CodinGame For Work? No problem! 

First thing first, go to your list of tests. When passing over a test, you will see two numbers: "invited" for the number of candidates you invited on your test and "completed" for the number of invited candidates who finished it. If both numbers are the same, you do not have pending tests. Otherwise, you will have something similar to this below :

To find your pending tests, click on the test and scroll all the way down, that is where you will find them and their different status:

  • When you created your test, you set up a time limit, an expiration date to your candidate's invitation link. If he or she is within the time limit but did not start the test yet, the test will be stated as "pending" in the score column:

  • If your candidate passed the time limit, his test will have the "expired" label in lieu of his or her score:

  • If your candidate started the test but stopped while taking it, he or she has 48 hours to finish it. If he or she does not finish it within the 48 hours window, the gotten score will be based on taken questions but a red exclamation mark will be seen beside your candidate's name and you will see a message by passing your mouse on it:

  • If the candidate is still within the 48 hours window, the test will be labelled as "in progress" in the score column:

To see a retrospective, click on the date in the "Last Activity" column of your candidate:

Your candidates automatically receive a reminder email 3 days and 7 days after the invitation email has been sent if they did not start the test.

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