What environment does my test run in

Here are all the compilers for code questions on CodinGame for Work :



C gcc 9.2.1 mode C17
libraries ‑lm, ‑lpthread, ‑ldl, ‑lcrypt
C# C# 7.0 (Mono 6.4.0, .NET 4.7) Compiled with ‑unsafe
C++ g++ 9.2.1 mode C++17
libraries ‑lm, ‑lpthread, ‑ldl, ‑lcrypt
Java OpenJDK 11.0.2
Javascript Node 12.13.0
Go 1.13.1
Kotlin 1.3.31
PHP 7.3.9
Python3  3.7.4
React 16.9
Scala 2.13.1 - Oracle JVM 1.8
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