Anonymize or delete a candidate

It might happen that you need to anonymize a candidate, after he or she requested it for example. 

In order to do this, go to the test you invited him or her and tick the box beside his or her details. Then click on the menu on the top left. 

You will have the option to export the report, to anonymize or to delete your candidate. 

If you decide to anonymize your candidate, the line will stay but all his or her personal details (name, first name and email address) will be removed. The report will however stay available, but without your candidate's name on it. 

If you choose to delete him or her, absolutely everything will be removed. 

You can anonymize or delete several candidates at once. 

Caution: This is only valid for the test you are on. If you invited your candidate on several tests you will have to do that with each of them. 

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