Sharing a report

You need to share a report with a colleague who does not have a CodinGame account? No problem!

Go to the website, click on the needed campaign and then on your candidate's name. A menu will slide from right to left. 

Click on the Actions button and then on Export/Share. 

You will see the sharing menu:

That is where you choose the export format, report's type, if you want to anonymize your candidate, include his/her rank in the campaign and the comparative score (calculated with the combination of every reports of all same level's candidats who passed a test in the same technology, all campaigns of every CodinGame customers combined).

Caution, please refrain of sharing a detailed report with a candidate as detailed reports contain tests' questions. 

You just have to click on Export to download it and share it with your colleague. 

NEWS: From now on, once the PDF report is being opened in a new window, you may share the link with people who do not have a CodinGame account. However, if this option does not interest you, do not hesitate to contact us to disable it. 

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