Add time to your campaign for special needs candidates

CodinGame believes that everyone deserves a chance. Some candidates need more time than others to be able to complete their test, it is important to us that they can have it. 

This can be done in just a few steps. You may either create your new campaign, or work with one that already exists. Then, to duplicate it, click on the "option" menue at the end of your campaign's name and click on "Duplicate" 

Once this is done, click on your duplicated campaign and go on its settings. You may access them on the top of your screen. You may completely rename your campaign to find it easily. That is also where you may add your extra time. Scroll all the way done and select "Global Timer" instead of "Timer Per Question" and edit your timer. This would also have your candidate manager his or her own time for the test, he or she will not have a timer per question anymore. 

Another option that needs a little more preparation time would be to edit your timer per question within your duplicated campaign. 

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