[Video] Customizing a test

You may need to customize a test at two different times:

  • At its creation (if you want to choose your questions and blocks)
  • When editing your test (at any time), by clicking on the “Questions” tab

First, click on “Customize.” 

   1. Customize a test with random blocks

Click on the pencil icon visible when you hover over your block: 

Your candidate’s experience indicates the proportion of easy/intermediate/difficult questions per set. A set labeled as “Junior” will contain more easy questions than difficult ones. 

You can also add another block. Just click on “Add a set of random questions.” 

You will just have to choose the type of exercise, technology, duration and difficulty within your new block. 

You can choose your seniority level for a technology on this block. For example, perhaps you want to hire a Java expert but want to see if he has any PHP experience. Create a senior/expert test that will last roughly 50 minutes, and then add a 10-minute PHP junior block. 

By clicking on “Customize,” you will see the CodinGame questions pool. You can mix random blocks and mandatory questions, and you can, of course, add specific questions you want to see in your test and need all of your candidates to answer. You can mix random blocks and mandatory questions. 

You can mix random blocks and select questions from the List of questions if you want specific questions to appear in your test.

You can also decide to exclude questions from your blocks. After clicking on the pencil icon, you will see the list of questions that might be asked to your candidates. 

  1. Exclude existing questions: 

When hovering over the questions list, you will see a bin icon: 

By clicking on it, the question will be excluded from your block: 

To insert it back, hover again, and click on the “get out of the bin” icon: 

The question will appear in the list again. 

2. Exclude new questions

In your block’s settings, you will see this box that is ticked by default: 

Hover over the “i” for more information: 

If you untick the box, we advise you to check often to see if new content fitting your block is available for you to add.

  2. Customize a test with a set list of questions

On the right side, you'll see a selection of existing questions that our algorithm has chosen for you, from our question library, depending on your settings. On the left side, you'll see the list of all available questions that match the difficulty and technology/technologies you're looking for. To add a question to your test, drag and drop it from left to right. To remove it, drag and drop it from right to left, or click on the little bin icon on the far right side. You can also edit time and points per question.

Using the advanced search option, you can sort questions by technology (library), skill, type, difficulty and duration, depending on your needs. 

You can edit your test at any time by clicking on its title in your test list and going to "Questions.” Just keep in mind that if you change test settings after candidates have taken the test, new candidates might not be on a level playing field (test duration and average expected score can differ). 

Now, all that's left to do is invite your candidates

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