SmartRecruiters Integration

Do you wish to integrate CodinGame assessments into your SmartRecruiters hiring process? This can be done in a few minutes. 

   1. On SmartRecruiters

click "Settings/Admin":

Then App & Integration: 

Look for CodinGame in the suggestion list and click “Connect”:

Follow the integration steps:

After clicking the “Allow and Connect” button, you will be redirected to CodinGame.

  2. On CodinGame

Once you authorise the configuration, you will be brought back to SmartRecruiters. 

  3. Back on SmartRecruiters

Integration should now be active (indicated by a green dot). It can be disconnected at any time. 

  a. Go back to the Settings / Admin page. Click “Hiring Process”. 

  b. Set your Hiring Processes. For each of them, you may add a CodinGame step through the “Skill Test” option.

  c. At your selected step, add a “Skill Test”.

  d. Click “Assessment”

  e. Select your CodinGame test corresponding to this Hiring Process, tick the box to enable it and hit the “Save” button: 

Once your test is set and saved, you can decide to send it automatically once your candidate reaches this hiring step, or to send it manually. 

As soon as your candidate reaches the corresponding step of your Hiring Process, the test will be sent to them.

  f. Once they are done, you will receive a notification email from both CodinGame and SmartRecruiter letting you know that the report is ready. You can see their comparative score on their profile, and a paper clip icon that will redirect you to CodinGame so you can see the detailed report. 

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