SmartRecruiters integration

You can now integrate your CodinGame for Work platform with SmartRecruiters, the applicant tracking system (ATS).

Just follow these simple steps: 

Head to your CodinGame for Work dashboard. Select Screening and then Integration:

Then, head to your SmartRecruiters account. Find your user/account name (on the left-hand side of your screen) and send it to CodinGame.

CodinGame will confirm your user/account name and campaigns will start to synchronize. Once SmartRecruiters gives the green light (less than 24 hours later) you'll be able to access your campaigns in the "Skill Test" section of SmartRecruiters' platform.

To invite a candidate to take a CodinGame assessment test, head to the candidate's profile page. Under "Assessments", beside "Skills Test", click on "Browse": 

Select the CodinGame filter (you'll see your CodinGame campaigns only), then select the test you'd like to send: 

Any campaigns you synchronize with CodinGame will be displayed in the same way:

Once a test has been successfully sent, the candidate will appear on your CodinGame campaign dashboard.
Once a candidate has completed their test, you'll be sent an email (to your SmartRecruiters email address) with the test report PDF attached. The PDF can also be found in your SmartRecruiters dashboard by clicking on "Show Results" in the Assessment panel, or by clicking on "View Report" in the Activity Tab. 
The detailed report can also be found on CodinGame. You'll find a direct link to it in the Activity tab. 
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