[Video] The remote interview module

With CodinGame, you can go further than online technical assessment. We go the extra mile to assist you in your technical interviews! 

This is where our Interview module comes in handy.

Head to the Interview module. In the middle of the screen, you’ll find your personal interview link. Send this to candidates and anybody else taking part in an interview. (Don’t worry, even if you share your account with other recruiters, you’ll all have your own unique link).

Note: If you need to change your URL for any reason, please contact support@codingame.com.

  • Growth plan users: you’re limited to 3 hours of remote interview per month.
  • Enterprise users: you have unlimited access to our remote coding interview feature. 
  • The module is limited to 4 people at a time in both plans

Our Interview module allows you to carry out live coding interviews from a distance, remotely. No need to ask candidates to come to your office, you can do it all online! You can provide your candidate with a statement and ask him or her to code in real time.

Here's what the module looks like:

Thanks to our video and microphone options, you can discuss candidates’ thought process and get that face-to-face interview feel.

Thanks to our shared code editor you can follow as candidates code. You can also, of course, select the relevant technology for your interview from the drop-down menu:

Click on « Run Code » to test your candidate’s code:

On the bottom left, you will notice the Console Output. 

By clicking on the little arrow, you can show or hide the console output.

Once your candidate is done, click on “Run Code.” Here are two examples of what you can see in the Console Output: 

If you need to reset the IDE, select a programming language in the drop-down menu. On the pop-up message, click on “Yes, replace my code.” The IDE will only show the default code of the new programming language. 

If you need a copy of your candidate’s code, please make a copy of it before clicking on the reset button. 

You're all set to select the right candidate faster with CodinGame's Interview module!

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