Finding custom questions

Custom questions can sometimes leave you a little perplex. You set them up in the Question Editor – but then what? How can you add them to a test?

Let’s clear things up.

If you’re on a Growth plan, you can create a bank of up to 10 custom questions (you can always delete an existing custom question if you need to create a new one). 

If you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can create an unlimited amount of custom questions.

Once created, you can simply add a custom question to your test. 

  1. Adding a question created in an existing CodinGame domain 

Create your new test and select the domain you created your custom question in. Next, you’ll see a list of sets of random questions, click on “Customize” and search for your custom question’s title. 

If you’ve selected more than one domain for your test and are struggling to find your custom question, use the “Advanced search” option. Deselect any irrelevant technologies. This will make it easier to find your custom question!

You’ll see a yellow pencil logo next to your custom question:

Your question will automatically be added to any random question blocks with relevant settings.

If you wish for all of your candidates to answer this question, drag and drop it from left to right to add it to your test. 

      2. Adding a question created in a custom domain

You created a question in a customized domain

You will need to create a test with this domain. Your new domain will appear in your “Domains to test” list if it contains at least one question.

When creating your test, select your custom domain.

Then, simply follow the usual steps to create your new test

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