Understanding test results

Your candidate has finished his or her test but you’re not entirely sure you understand the test report? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered!

Within a campaign, click on your candidate’s name. A panel will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. You’ll see the candidate’s score and a score per assessment criteria: 

Candidates are awarded a score per assessment criteria. Simply hover your mouse cursor over the criteria for more information. Here are a few examples: 


Language knowledge:

Problem solving: 


Each of your campaign’s questions will influence one or more of these criteria. You can see the criteria linked to each question in the Campaign Builder (below a question’s title).

When creating a custom question, you can decide how important and relevant each criterion is and attribute a different amount of points to different criteria.

Click on “View detailed report” to view a candidate’s answers:

If a candidate's answer is incorrect, “Candidate’s answer” will appear in red and below, the correct answer will appear in green (you’ll see which answer your candidate actually selected in grey). You'll also see a red cross next to the question!

If a candidate's answer is correct, “Candidate’s answer” will appear in green and below, you’ll find your candidate’s selected answer (also in green!). You'll also see a green tick next to the question!

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